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Our Students Are Getting Huge Wins!

If You’re Still Recovering From A Bad Experience Where You Were Promised A Unicorn & Delivered A Donkey...

Erik was apart of not one but two other super expensive and “elite” coaching programs and mentally ‘checked out’ after a few weeks when he didn’t get what was promised…
Within 90-days inside The 7 Figure Mastermind he earned over $120,000!

(And Erik is growing his business while having a young family!)

If You’re Coming Off A Bankruptcy And  Been Told Getting Started Online Is Complicated…

Jason had never even heard of Vince Del Monte and within a few months of joining The 7FM, he went from bankrupt to over $17K months.

 He was most surprised by how simple it really was and had no idea how much faster you grow when you’re apart of the right group!

If You Have The Fitness Knowledge But Really Struggling To Get Clients...

Is there anything more frustrating then seeing others with thriving online fitness businesses while you struggle to get clients?

Doesn’t it suck to post regular fitness workout videos and inspiring selfies and transformation photos of your clients but you still can’t produce consistent revenue?

Laura always believed successful online coaches were always just successful and didn’t know there was a right and wrong way to market, create content and promote your programs.

Within 3 months of being a part of The 7-Figure Mastermind, Laura matched her yearly in a single month and now has a multi 6-figure online fitness business.

If You Think You’re Too Old Or Can’t Incorporate Faith and Business…

Think again! As many of us experience, Mark’s family went through a lot of personal up’s and down’s making it challenging to pursue his love for fitness because of the the countless hours and minimum pay.

He was also told to never talk about your faith with business but knew, deep down, there was a bigger calling on his life.

Within 2 weeks inside The 7 Figure Mastermind Mark made $15,000, which is more than he had ever earned in 23 years on his own and could feel God tell him, “This is just scratching the surface.”

If You Lack Confidence In Selling Your Programs & Not Seeing Progress...

Even though Kathyrn had a little success on her own she was not seeing the progress she felt she deserved…

She was sick and tired of trying to figure out the answers on her own but was still living under a ton of student loans and credit card debt so money was tight.

Instead of paying off her debt, she put every single penny into hiring Vince so that she could get the answers and exact steps of what to do next without the second guessing or wasting more time on trial and error.

By overcoming her fear of investing money she earned $73,561 in just 7 Days by learning on to properly market and sell her program.

And today she’s grown her following to a massive tribe of Mini But Mighty students!

If You’re In A Job You Hate And Have Never Done High-Ticket Coaching Before...

Working as bakery manager at the local grocery store, Tim knew he wasn’t living in alignment with his true passion – fitness and helping people.

Tim was trying to make money selling e-books and doing complicated funnels for 4+ years until Vince introduced him to the world of selling  
high-ticket coaching programs.

Two months later, Tim had added 12 new clients into his program and on many days makes more in 1 day then he previously made in 3 weeks!

If You’re Struggling To Take Your Business 100% Online & “Begging” People To Work With You...

If you’ve ever prayed for people to start working with you then you’re not alone. Hannah struggled selling her guides and challenges and had no idea of what she was doing.

Her best efforts hardly produced $1,000 and simply used whatever marketing tactic was trending on Instagram…

Within a month of joining The 7FM she made more than $10,000 and now has speed and clarity she’s so much happier.

Her own students are even asking her to work with her and her potential is now limitless because she has the knowledge and connections to get more leads for a consistent income doing what she loves.

If You're Not In The U.S.A. & Not Sure This Will Work In Your Country...

Frank Den Blanken initially had doubts because he felt that not living in the US/Canada would place him at a disadvantage. Oh boy did he prove himself wrong!

 Frank grew his business from 5 figures a year, to doing multiple 7 figures a year, all while working from Europe!

As Vince's first Millionaire student, Frank has completely transformed his lifestyle, as well as his family's, through creating a highly profitable, impactful business that helps thousands of lives in the Netherlands.

If You’re Financially Tight & Need To Make Your Investment Back Quickly...

Wondering how soon you’ll make your money back?

So did Petar, especially since he’s from Crotia, a developing country, and the USD currency conversion made it the scariest investment of his life.

With a newborn on the way, and a young family, he could not afford to invest money without seeing a return on his investment.

Within the first week Petar had tripled his investment and within a few months he hit 12.2K in a week and averaging 20-30K months.

(In his country, that is the equivalent of a 7 figure income in North America!)

And Getting Unreal Wins During COVID-19

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you still help during COVID-19?

A: Yes. In fact, more than ever. Right now your business should be thriving.

Millions of people across the world have just lost access to their gym membership, bootcamp classes and/or personal trainer.

There is a gold rush of opportunity to market, sell and serve harder than ever. This is not the time to be passive, remain a spectator, or contract.

You must protect your bottom line, pivot and be proactive so that you position yourself for mega profits and prosperity. It’s about leaning into the fear and levelling up or else you’ll get buried.

On our strategy call we’ll share EXACTLY what funnel is working best right now so that you can profit during (not from) COVID-19. However, this gold rush of opportunity will not last long so hurry!

Q: How soon will I make my money back?

A: That’s up to you. I can say that it will likely be way faster than I did!

Before sharing our group’s success rate, I want to share my own experience of just starting out…

More than a decade ago, I hired my very first business coach (who wasn’t even into fitness) for $7,500. All I got in return for that investment was one 60-minute phone call a month and access to him via email. Just so you know, that’s not even a fraction of what our program offers you.

Now get this: It took me an entire year to make $10,000. And after factoring in my sunk costs, I’d actually only broken even. Still, I didn’t yet feel confident enough to quit my “day job,” but that was okay. I was playing the long game.

So the following year I continued to apply what I learned through my coaching, and by the end of my second year online, I made $101,000. In year 3, that figure jumped to $350,000. By year 4, I soared past the million dollar mark.

Over the last decade I have built four separate 7-figure online fitness businesses. I have also helped my wife build a multi 6-figure online fitness business within 2 years—a business that empowered her to quit her 12-hour nursing shifts and travel the world together. And most recently, and in less than a year no less, I have also built a multi 7-figure B2B.

I am sharing this with you because I know, like me, you aren’t looking for overnight success. Instead, you’re willing to play the long game. I also know that as an astute entrepreneur and student, you understand that no two people - or situations - are ever alike. Because of this, you know that everyone makes money back at their OWN speed.  

But there are definitely a lot of variables that can affect how much you make, the most important of which is effort. For example, in the first month, members’ earnings can range from as low as $2,000 to as high as $90,000. One of my favorite “first month” client stories comes from 47-year old Mark Avens. After adjusting his rate on his first day inside our program (based on our recommendation), Mark immediately pulled in $7,500. Not a bad first day’s work!

Okay, so now I would like to share some of our stats with you…

On average, most coaching programs have a 15% churn rate. That means in a coaching program with 100 members, each month approximately 15 of those members will drop out, and usually, it’s because they can’t afford to stay in the program. In contrast, our monthly program has a churn rate of less than 5%. On top of that, our 12-month paid in full option has a renewal rate of 53%.

Statistics don’t lie. Our members are extremely satisfied with the level of attention and results they’re getting, leaving little reason to drop out.

And with our 7-Figure Mastermind events that are held 3x a year, we consistently have 100+ students and members fly in from seven different countries around the world (note: this is included in our coaching program).

Now, I challenge you to show me one other fitness business coaching program in the industry that brings that many students together on a consistent basis. We do this because our members get results!

But here’s the no B.S. truth: Our goal isn’t to help you make your money back. Our goal, at the very least, is to help you 5-10x your investment with us.

Q: Do you have any type of guarantee?

A: We do not offer a money-back guarantee, but we DO offer a "Better Than Money-Back Guarantee" and it eliminates all risk of losing your hard earned money and we'd be happy to share the details with you on our call.

Q: What does your coaching program teach?

A: We teach high-ticket coaching. People are not broke, they are bored and we will teach you how to attract leads who will pay a premium price in exchange for a service that supports them with implementation.

Even during times of uncertainty, selling low-ticket services is extremely slow and painful and the least profitable way to scale an online business.

Q: So why don’t you focus on e-books, low-dollar membership sites, etc.?

A: We do, just not until you’re over $300,000 a year online. Back in the day I built my business on e-books and low-dollar membership sites, but that ship has long since sailed for those just starting out.

The only entrepreneurs who can scale low-ticket offers nowadays are ninja internet marketers, pros at paid advertising, and/or influencers with a following in the millions.

Q: Is it really possible to sell high-ticket fitness coaching, i.e. $2,000+ packages?

A: Yup! And to give you a glimpse of what is possible with our program, we have one member charging his clients $2,500 a month—and that’s even in the highly competitive weight loss niche!
How can he charge those fees?

He dialed in his M.O.M.M., i.e. marketplace, offer, messaging and method of attracting clients - just one of the systems we help you with inside our program.
You see, when prospects are considering investing in your product or service, they look to “perceived value.” And perceived value comes down to your ability to both deliver value AND to communicate and command your value!
So while you may very well be the world’s smartest trainer, in today’s day and age, you need to be even better at marketing your program. In our coaching program we will turn you into a marketing machine.

Q: How exactly do you help?

A: Here is how we help you…

- We help you nail down your marketplace
- We help you craft an irresistable offer
- We help you communicate your messaging
- We help you create killer content
- We help you name your program
- We help you create your program
- We help you create all types of funnels
- We help you book calls via the DM
- We help you close deals via the DM
- We help you close on the phone
- We help you overcome prospect’s sales objections
- We help you write killer sales copy
- We help you launch your program
- We help you recruit affiliate partners
- We help you create lead magnets
- We help you build an email list
- We help you monetize an email list
- We help you start/grow your YouTube channel
- We help you start/grow your podcast show
- We help you run paid ads
- We help you develop client fulfillment
- We help you renew clients
- We give you 3 group calls per week
- We give you four 90-minute game plans per year
- We host three mastermind events per year that you’re invited to
- We give you unlimited 1-1 phone coaching

Bottom line: We give you a step-by-step plan and hold you accountable to execute the plan effectively and efficiently via our unmatched support. That way you build real assets and a real business. This is as 1-on-1 as it gets.

Q: Will I get the support I need when I need it?

A: Absolutely. We are in service to YOU. So let me outline what that level of support looks like:

Immediately after joining our program, you will receive access to our “Lift Off” video series. These getting started videos will lay out the foundation of your business, helping you get ultra-clear on your M.O.M.M (Marketplace, Offer, Messaging, and Method) so you can start attracting your perfect clients.

Q: Will I get a step-by-step roadmap to create a thriving online business from absolute zero?

A: Yes. In fact, I’d say starting from zero is often the BEST place to start. It means we can orchestrate your steps and lay out the quickest path to your financial freedom. As long as you are coachable and trust the process, we will move you in the right direction.

Q: Can I pay you after I make my money back?

A: Nope. Here’s the simple truth: If you’re not confident enough to bet on yourself, then I’m not confident enough to bet my time, money, and energy on you either.

I’ve realized over time that success requires attention, risk, and sacrifice. And in removing those three elements, I would be doing you a disservice by positioning you to fail.

Q: Do your methods work outside of Canada and the United States?

A: Of course. As long as you have access to a reliable Internet, you are in business. The main reason I have so many clients from Canada and the U.S. is because I live in Toronto and Florida.

But we do record all of our trainings so you can access them at your convenience. We also try to keep our calendars as flexible as possible to accommodate the time zones of our members from the Philippines, Morocco, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Croatia, Poland and more.

On a side note: We have found that many of our international students are crushing it because they have little to no competition. No reason that can’t be you!

Q: Which business models do your most successful members use?

A: This answer requires that you know my story first.

My business was built on the backs of e-books, membership sites, physical products, supplements, high-ticket coaching, affiliate marketing, email marketing, video marketing, Facebook groups and more.

I have also built every funnel you can imagine—high-ticket application funnels, self-liquidating offers, quiz funnels, free challenges, video sales letters, long form sales pages, free+shipping, free trials. You name it, I’ve likely done it.

Unlike so many other business coaches that are just one-trick ponies, my versatility tends to attract students with varying business model aspirations.

That said, at this point in time, what seems to work best is having our students focus on scaling one high-ticket group coaching program to $300,000 per year before building anything else.

Once you have a business model in place that generates profit, then we will map out how to build low-dollar lead acquisition funnels so you can start scaling your front end customer acquisition.

Q: Can you help me with paid traffic like all business coaches claim?

A: Yes, but only when you are ready to ramp up your business. In other words, only when you’re generating $20k to 30k per month.

Now, I have nothing against paid ads. In fact, many of our members are currently running paid ads. But as your coach, my job is to protect your credit card, which means my first priority is to help you dial in your offer and/or program. Otherwise you would lose your shirt.

We have had so many members join our program after faltering in other coaching programs—ones where their business coach insisted on running paid ads well before they were ready.

But I have personally built four different 7-figure online fitness businesses WITHOUT a single dollar going towards paid ads. I only used organic traffic, which is why my fitness businesses, to this day, still generates income. In contrast, someone who only focused on paid ads would have had to keep spending money to make money.

So any coach who tells you to use paid traffic to scale simply doesn’t know how to build a REAL brand. And a real brand is precisely what is needed for paid traffic to actually be successful.

But rest assured, when you are ready for paid ads, we will teach you a simple way to get started and then guide you towards pushing all the right buttons so you don’t need to fork over $3,000 to $10,000 a month for someone to manage your campaigns.

Q: How do I know if I’m ready to join your program? I feel I may be too busy with my kids, family, job, school/studies etc..

A: As a father of three little kids, all under age 6, I totally understand your concern. But here’s the truth, there will never be a perfect time to start your business. One of our top female clients is a pilot with only 1 extra hour to spare during the day, but it’s actually an ADVANTAGE — because now she is forced to focus on only the money-making activities.

So yes, you can absolutely do this with young kids and/or with a full time job/student. You will simply need to work smarter, not harder. We will show you how.

In our coaching program, we believe in the F.I.O., Figure It Out along the way strategy, or in other words, commit first, figure out the rest later. Because as the industry only gets more crowded, expensive and noisy, waiting will cost you time and money.

Bottom line: Successful people do not negotiate their dreams around circumstances, which makes right now as good a time as any to get started.

Q: How is working with you any different from working with someone else?

A: Since this is called The 7-Figure Mastermind coaching program, I’ll give you 7 reasons why we are different:  

1. You’re learning from a guy who’s actually built a successful 7-figure online business not once, not twice, not three times, but on four separate occasions. And all in one of the most competitive spaces ever, the male muscle-building space.

2. I helped my wife build multi 6-figure online fitness businesses in less than 2 years—and my wife knew nothing at the time about internet marketing. I simply told her what to do and she executed like no tomorrow.

3. I built a 7-figure B2B coaching program in less than a year. And the reason it’s been so successful is because our members are crushing it.

4. The simple truth is that the majority of business coaches out there have never once created their own 7-figure online fitness business. These so-called “gurus” have made their money teaching, not by doing.

That’s like a personal trainer who writes you a workout program versus one who actually helps you execute it with optimal lifting technique in the gym! There’s simply no comparison when it comes to results.

In contrast, I ran my own online fitness business for 10 years before I even started coaching and showing others how to do it. That provided me with years of in-the-trenches experience that I can now pass along to you.

5. I have lived through our industry’s constant and rapidly changing landscape, including Google slaps, social media algorithm changes, email marketing dropping off, affiliate marketing drying up, and product launches booming and busting. And while many coaches/experts/influencers have come and gone during this time, my businesses are still thriving.

6. I have achieved all of this while having young kids. If you have young kids, no further explanation is needed.  

7. I have dozens of fitness offers still running and generating income, even without paying attention to them anymore. I have scaled coaching programs to thousands of people a month from anywhere between $79 to $247 a month. My FB fan page has over 1 million followers, and my YouTube channel has 400K subscribers.

To be honest, I do not know any other fitness business coach who has achieved a fraction of what I have achieved, and if there are any other there, I can’t imagine there are many.

So if you’re going to hire someone, you basically have two choices: hire a guru OR hire an expert. The difference? A guru is someone who has been able to produce results once. An expert is someone who has been able to produce results consistently. I’m pretty sure the choice is obvious.

Q: How did you become successful?

A: I have always been an ambitious, numbers-driven, impact-seeking person. So when I first started out, I chose to build a brand in one of the most competitive fitness spaces ever— marketing to dudes who wanted to build muscle.

When I was just 22 years old I transformed my body from a skinny, long-distance runner to a Canadian Pro Fitness Model, and subsequently launched my muscle-building training program called, “No-Nonsense Muscle Building.” That program led to dozens of others over the years including…

Maximize Your Muscle
Live Large TV
Your Six Pack Quest
Stage Shredded Status
Hypertrophy MAX
Ripped Abs Now
The 6-12-25 Size Method
The 7x7 Strength & Size Solution
The Vanity Specialization Series
The 1,000 Rep Challenge
No-Nonsense Muscle Building 2.0
No-Nonsense Fat Loss 2.0
Mass Mechanics
The 30-Day Metabolic Reboot
1-1 High Level Physique & Performance Coaching
Preload (My pre-workout supplement)
M5 Apparel (My clothing line)
Living Large (My best-selling book in bookstores)
And, no joke, many many more!

During this time, we also built my wife’s fitness brands, including:

Flavilicious Fitness
Flavilicious Cooking
The 30-Day Mommylicious Challenge

So what did I do well?

1) Stayed authentic, while ignoring the haters
2) Consistently produced high-quality content
3) Delivered killer programs
4) Established solid relationships
5) Learned to sell
6) Mastered copywriting
7) Continued to grow and evolve

I’m also a product of coaches and masterminds. So the more I invested in myself, the more money I made!

Q: Why do you start your students off with high-ticket coaching and not low-dollar stuff?

A: It all comes down to math.

To make $3,000 online with a $47 e-book funnel at a 1% conversion rate, you would need to sell 64 copies. That means you would need around 7,000 people to visit your website. Tell me, where do you plan on finding 7,000 people?

On top of that, most offers start out with only a 0.5% conversion rate, meaning you would actually need 14,000 people to visit your website!

In all honesty, low-ticket offers really only work for the most skilled internet marketers, either those who are capable of writing sizzling sales copy or super affiliates who have lots of money to test on paid ads and are ok with losing - or breaking even - on the front end. Plus, the low-dollar model is purely a customer acquisition game, meaning you don’t see profit in the short term.

But if you prefer the low-ticket route, then just prepare to spend thousands on a copywriter OR spend hundreds of hours learning, after which you will need to spend on tech and design… and all that’s without even testing with paid ads! Can you imagine losing all that money before you are even in a position to make it back?!

And that is why I prefer the high-ticket coaching route. Because with this business model, you could just sell 3 x $1,000 coaching programs or 1 x $3,000 coaching program to your existing following. High-ticket is always the way to go if you’re earning less than $300,000 a year online.

Q: I’ve been a part of other programs and didn’t get results. How do I know this will work?

A: You likely didn’t get results because you were learning from someone who is just teaching what they heard another business coach teach. But that is NOT your fault.

The #1 thing we hear from our students that have come from other programs is this, “They told me what to do but never actually showed me how.”

To build multiple 7-figure online fitness businesses, you need to actually get marketing, persuasion, copywriting, influence and selling.

Maybe your other coaches knew how to succeed by selling B2B, but not B2C. I have done both, the latter countless times over.

The big thing we do is review your execution. I’ll be honest, many coaching programs teach you similar strategies and tactics as ours, the main difference is how well you are executing on those strategies and tactics.

Consider this analogy: You hire a trainer to build your glutes. He prescribes deadlifts (if you don’t know, deadlifts can be a great glute builder).

After doing deadlifts for a while, the client tells their coach that that despite doing all these deadlifts, they still have a flat butt. In response, the trainer asks the client to demonstrate how they are performing the deadlifts. Two reps in, the trainer says, “Stop! I see the problem. You’re not shoving your hips back. You’re dumping the load onto your quads which is why your butt isn’t growing. Shove your hips back.”

“Oh! So nothing is wrong with the deadlift exercise,” the client says. “I’m just doing them wrong?”

The trainer smiles and replies, “Yes! It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.”

To summarize:
The money is in the implementation, not in the information! And this is exactly what our coaching program is BEST at—overseeing the implementation and helping you optimize your execution!

Q: I’m scared to invest.

A: I hear you. I was too when I first started out. I had already invested tons of money into other “opportunities” and had zero money to my name when I hired my first coach. In fact, I had to put my coaches fee on two different credit cards or else I would still be at the gym making my old boss rich.

So if you are a little scared, that is completely normal. It just means you are taking this investment opportunity seriously. But let me reassure you that fear is the path to your freedom!

And besides, if you need a little extra assurance, remember our “Better Than Money-Back Guarantee” I mentioned in another question.

Q: I can’t afford this program. Anything you can do for me if I really want to start?

A: Yes, I believe in a concept called  “O.P.M.,” which stands for Other People’s Money. When I invested into my first business coach I was dead broke but I had to put my investment on two different credit cards which is an example of O.P.M. We work with a 3rd party financial service that has amazing loan terms and if you’d like to know more, just schedule the call and we will walk you through it.

Q: I suck at technology. Could I still do this?

A: Yes, with one caveat: You will need to be comfortable using basic apps, like Google docs, email and video calls. You don’t need a fancy website or anything. We’re not launching a rocket ship here.

Q: I am afraid to increase my rates…

A: I understand that. But know that we will not have you crank them up overnight. Instead, we will use our proven tier system that gradually increases your rates while creating scarcity around your coaching. This gives you time to improve your sales skills and confidence in the process.

Q: How do I command (and justify) higher price points?

A: This is one of my favorite topics. A few thoughts:

1. You must understand you are not selling fat loss or muscle gain. You are selling generational health. But don’t worry, we will teach you how to communicate your value, because a few hundred dollars a month is peanuts to change a family’s bloodline.

2. We will help you elevate your prestige and authority, because the more you are viewed as a celebrity in your space, the less price resistance you will experience. This won’t happen overnight, but this is exactly how we will get you to $5,000 training packages before you know it.

3. We will also teach you how to communicate your pricing with a clear ROI (Return On Investment) path, including exposing your prospects to the thousands of dollars they are currently wasting on bogus supplements, expensive trainers, and/or not knowing how to shop on the cheap.

4. Bottom line: The more they pay, the more they pay attention. Your leads have likely already tried the cheap route of $47 e-books, $97/month group classes, or following cookie-cutter free stuff. We will show you how to help them understand that they will get better results by investing more in themselves.

Q: Does your program work for non-fitness businesses?

A: Yup! One of our top students has done over 1 million dollars in 2 years and in a niche that I'm not a specialist in. We also work with a lot of service providers who run tech, graphic, podcast and ads agencies.

I have worked with a variety of experts and coaches including spiritual/mindset coaches, dentists, doctors, chiropractors, authors, gym owners, and real estate agents. I also work with B2B coaches if there is not a conflict of interest.

The majority of our students are in the health and fitness space, consisting primarily of certified trainers, coaches, gym owners, nutrition coaches, powerlifters/bodybuilders, mobility therapists and healing specialists.

If you don't mind being surrounded by fitness folk, that's fine with us.

Q: I’m older, will this work for me?

A: Absolutely. In fact, some of our top clients are older because they usually have more money to invest. Plus, if you are older - and market to an older audience - then you have hit a gold mine!

Q: Do I need a following?

A: Not at all. And helping our clients grow their following and go from unknown to known is one of the areas we excel at. Besides, I know a lot of people with a following in the millions who still struggle to keep the lights on and put bread on the table.

Q: How do I build my authority if I don’t have testimonials?

A: We have a nifty little strategy that’s quite effective in getting your business off the ground. We will show you how to run a “test-group” offer that generates a handful of epic transformations. Basically, as long as you can demonstrate value, connect, and show passion, we will get your business moving in the right direction.

Q: If I join, can I bring someone else from my marketing team to the calls and mastermind events?

A: Absolutely. I even recommend it.

Q: Do I need a university degree and/or certifications to start selling online?

A: Nope. You only need to be comfortable and confident in your promise. Never offer anything you cannot deliver on, and only cast a vision to your leads for what you know is safe and effective.

Q: Do you oversee my actual workout program and nutrition plans?

A: No. That is your job. You must be comfortable writing programs and delivering results. The cornerstone of every successful business (including ours) is delivering incredible results. If you are not there yet, our business coaching program is not for you.

Q: Do I have to be good at sales?

A: No, not necessarily. But I will say that developing your sales skills is the fastest way to increase your income. In our program, with the extensive sales scripts, trainings, and recordings we have created, we could easily create a separate course and charge $15,000 for it. But, of course, you get access to it when you join our program. With these tools at your disposal, your potential is limitless. With all that said, though, sales calls can always be hired out.

Q: If I cannot immediately get started, but would like to lock in your lowest rates, can I pay now and start later?

A: Of course!

Q: What are the dates for the 2020 mastermind events?

A: Here you go:
Vancouver, British Columbia: May 29-30 (unparalleled west coast views)
Toronto, Ontario: September 24-25 (always booked in Canada’s coolest neighbourhood)

Q: What’s the commitment?

A: While building your online fitness business empire through The 7-Figure Mastermind is really a 3 to 4 year journey, your commitment today is a 12-month one. That will allow us the time needed to navigate you through the peaks and valleys of building a profitable business.

Q: Is there a discount if you pay-in-full?

A: Of course. And I strongly recommend it. We'll tell you about two unreal bonuses we offer to anyone who pays in full that I know you're going to want to take advantage of.

Personally I've always paid in full for every coaching program I've ever joined because you operate with higher levels of action.

Q: I am brand new and don’t even know what my niche is. Is it too early to join?

A: No. We will help you identify your niche.

Q: How much should I set aside for sunk costs like websites, tech, design, and ads?

A: Very little sunk costs are involved working with us. You need a phone and computer. We’ll teach you how to get resourceful with our little-known app’s instead of spending a fortune on expensive cameras and videographers.

We use sites like Clickfunnels instead of forking out thousands of dollars for custom websites. We teach you how to write sales copy to save you from spending thousands on a copywriter. We don’t teach you paid advertising until you have a 6-figure business with organic methods. And when you need to start building a team and hire team members we’ll teach you how to find our first side-kick to buy back your time.

In short, it’s my job to protect your credit card and prevent you from spending money on tech, service providers and team members if you’re not in the position to do so.

Q: How do I pay and lock in my spot?

A: You have two investment options: credit card or wire transfer. Myself or someone on our team will provide payment instructions during our strategy call.

Q: What if I need to speak to someone in my circle before making a decision.

A: I always recommend “committing first, and figuring out the rest later.” And if it is your partner that you need to talk to, use these three magic words, “Trust me, baby!”

In all seriousness, the only REAL reason you would need to speak with your partner is because they do not trust you. And they do not trust you because they sense deep down that you do not trust yourself.

Let me ask you this: do you ask your partner for permission to buy them a Christmas present or a birthday gift? I’m guessing you don’t. And why not? Probably because they trust you to make this decision.

If you do not believe in yourself to make a decision to be successful, you will always remain stuck. So I’ll say it again, commit first, use the 3 magic words after you enroll, “Trust me baby!” and then take massive action.

But if it is 100% necessary to have your partner’s approval, have them jump on the call with us and we will get all their questions answered.

Q: Can I speak to someone before I make a final decision?

A: Of course. You will first speak to either myself or someone on my team to determine if we are a good fit to work together. That will give you a chance to get all of your questions answered. Scroll back up and start filling up the application right now and then book a call.

Questions? We're here for you. Email our world-class Support Team at We're rooting for your success!

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