Elite Coaching With Vince

I can help you create systems that SCALE, become a legit AUTHORITY, LEAD a team of 40+, and create BREAKTHROUGHS that add MILLIONS to your bottom line... without sacrificing your faith, family and fitness in the process!

Elite Coaching With Vince

I can help you create systems that SCALE, become a legit AUTHORITY, LEAD a team of 40+, and create BREAKTHROUGHS that add MILLIONS to your bottom line... without sacrificing your faith, family and fitness in the process!

12 MONTHS OF PRIVATE COACHING WITH VINCE DEL MONTE - $50,000 (payment plans available)

Is Elite Coaching Right For You?
Once in a while, there’s room for new private coaching clients. If I think I can help you grow past your current stage... I will invite you to my personal one-year mentorship exclusively with myself.

I work with mid-level and top level entrepreneurs who’ve got a revenue-generating profitable business who feel ‘stuck’ at their current level and want to scale past 50K... 100K and pass 500K months like I have. My specialty is helping you build a High-Ticket, High-Leverage and High-Touch coaching business..

If it looks like we’re a good fit I’ll give you a peek behind the curtain of a multi-million dollar business, provide systems for leadership, scaling growth, looking at your data and making life-changing connections.



Kathryn Nash joined my 7-Figure Mastermind and the next month made $73,561 in just 7 Days simply from her Instagram page.


Joe LoGalbo went from “dead broke” and living in his mother-in-law’s 600 sq. foot home to a $200,000/yr online fitness information business in less than two years.


Even though i was at 30K months when joining I had no clear system consistently bringing in leads and I was literally doing everything. Now I'm operating like an architect and CEO and have done 7 figures in 7 months.


Jason Maxwell went from being stuck at $8,000 per month to breaking $30,000 per month consistently with his digital fitness business.


In only three months of being a part of the 7-Figure Mastermind, Laura Grossi went from a struggling Instagrammer who didn’t know how to get clients to matching her yearly salary in a single month.


Like my friend, Jordan Valeriote, went from a struggling recording engineer to making $600,000/yr online teaching engineers how to track rock music from their basement studio!


We’ll Light The Path To Your Fullest Potential! Or Luis Diaz, who traded in a tiny fitness business hardly making $600 a month… for a six-figure podcasting and PR agency that now services some of the highest ranked podcasts on iTunes!


Tyler Ryan, he was running an unprofitable business and only had 3 months of “runway” left. 11 months later, Tyler's now running a 6-figure company while employing two of his best friends.


Over the course of 12-months, Brian was able to build his recurring revenue up to $20K a month by simply having a set of “outside eyes” tell him to say, “No” to the pennies and “Yes” to a fortune sitting right underneath his nose.


Tyler overcame extreme adversity within his personal and family life. In less than 6 months, Tyler Bertie built out a 6 figure business since joining The 7-Figure Mastermind.


Frank Den Blanken initially had doubts because he felt that not living in the US/Canada would place him at a disadvantage. Oh boy did he prove himself wrong! Frank grew his business from 5 figures a year, to doing multiple 7 figures a year, all while working from Europe!


In less than 5 weeks, Clark Kegley paid off his entire 12-month investment.
In spite of his success, he struggled with what so many ideas and was missing a high ticket component to his product suite and with his coaching business bought himself a 1965 Mustang Fastback.


I had no idea how to sell a program online, unsure about all the execution and no idea what I needed. I now have a full team and we're doing $170k+ month without paid advertising and I've shut down all my gyms.


I'm already a mom of 2 under 2 and was so stretched thin and had multiple people hit me up  in the DM for coaching so believed this was a load of baloney. I didn't think I could add a business to my exhausted plate. Within 90 days we're now doing 100K months without ads.

I’m in! How does this work, Vince?

First we need to hop on a discovery call. You’ll actually speak to myself. I’m going to dig into your business and see how you’re currently operating to identify your bottlenecks and Big Money opportunities that will pay off your investment in the first month. If you decide to enroll, we’ll set a date for a 2-3 Hour Game Plan to map out our first 90 days together. We can even meet up in person (optional)  in Toronto, Canada or in the USA.

Over the next year we’ll sync up regularly on monthly calls (1-2 hours long 1 or 2x a month, whatever is needed) and I’ll give you specific action items, accountability and get you on track to hit your goals. We can meet up again in 6 months for your second in-person session with me.

If we need to get down and dirty and write sales copy, ads, build out funnels, create a company org chart, or even build out entire systems and SOP’s ... we can do any of that. This is the highest level of 1-1 support you’ll ever receive. This is NOT me just giving you ideas. While this isn’t ‘baby sitting’, I’ll support you through every challenge until it’s resolved.

The rest of the year, we’ll hop on Zoom calls and solve every problem constraining your growth to make sure you and your team are implementing the game plan we discussed.

Here's why I can help:

I’m not a one-trick pony. I’m not one of those ‘teach but doesn’t do’ guys. I’ve personally built 4 different 7 figure businesses, helped my wife build 4 unique 6 figure online businesses. There’s 250 active members in my program and 500+ in the beginner programs. I’ve had a best selling book, supplement and clothing line. I’ve done low-ticket and a master at scaling high-ticket.

I’ve had to pivot and adjust course and tested tons of business models and can support you growing an Instagram account, Facebook group, email list, YouTube channel and thriving podcast. I don’t believe in teaching what you don’t know. I only teach what I’ve done countless times... and if you need something I don’t teach, I know who teaches it and I’ll make that connection for you.

I’m NOT your average business coach. This isn’t how I make my living too. I coach an exclusive handful of people personally each year and they hire me to hear what no one else is going to tell them. My students are Influencers, coaches, experts, authors and trainers and I’ve helped them unlock potential they didn’t know was there.

Is this right for you?

If you’re stuck at $40k or even $100k months, we’re overdue for a conversation. Chances are you’re missing a key perspective, a skill, a connection, better infrastructure or the right data to help you succeed. Don’t suffer in silence or over-analyze. If things have gotten too complex, you’re seeing limits everywhere and you’ve got nobody pushing you... It’s time to level up... or you’ll level off.

How you can apply:

This isn’t an ordinary coaching offer where you’re working with my coaches. You’re working exclusively with me (and sometimes I’ll bring in a few of my secret weapons and team members with unique specialities). My closely guarded pipeline will become your pipeline.

If you’re ready to unlock the nothing held back, behind the scenes steps, truths, systems of operating a world-class business, we’re going to have to get on a call. There, I’ll decide if you’re a fit for the program. Don’t keep paying a Monthly Inaction Tax while your numbers are stuck in a rut. Fill out the form below and let’s talk.

*Payment for Elite 1-1 coaching is non-refundable.


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