Give Me 2 Days And I'll Show You How To Grow Your Business To 20K, 40K, 60K, Even 80K A Month – All Within The Next 90-Days – With The Industry's Most Successful Fitness Business Mastermind

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Date: May 29-30, 2020


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From the desk of Vince Del Monte, the OG of online fitness marketing

Dear friend,

If you want to scale your online fitness business to your first 6-figure or 7-figure year – or even hit your next million like Frank who you’ll meet further down the page – this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.
Because in Clearwater, FL, United States on January 23-24, 2020 you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to get the clear-cut marching orders you so desperately need, join a supportive family of ambitious and successful fitness entrepreneurs, and discover the hidden secrets to attracting more leads and clients than you ever could have imagined.
If you’re currently not in a position to invest in my brand new Private VIP Mentorship program (starts at $40,000/year) then ‘test-driving’ The 7-Figure Mastermind is a rare chance for you to work with me for less than $2,000. To put that into perspective, that investment would be the equivalent of one of your clients paying you upfront and “in full” for a few months of work together.
Now, if you don’t believe that’s possible for you, then go ahead and close this window… because I already know we won’t be a good fit to work together.

Plus, there’s no need to “sell” you on applying to be a “Sit In” at our upcoming event where you can test-drive The 7-Figure Mastermind. Instead I’ll just share who this opportunity IS for and who it is NOT for...

This Group Is NOT For You If…

  • You prefer to remain the Labourer and Doer of your business rather than the Architect, i.e. the one who delegates the vision, works hard once, and builds a team and system to automate lead generation and profits
  • ​You’re not prepared to invest time and money to buy speed, knowledge, relationships, accountability, and long-term wealth. Instead, you’re okay to remain stuck in the weeds, working on tedious tasks below your pay grade
  • ​You sell anything that promises a unicorn but delivers a donkey. If you’re just in this for the money, meaning you don’t care about creating products/services that deliver massive value and leave the industry better than you found it, this opportunity is definitely NOT for you

This Group IS For You If…

  • You’re in Level 1, that is, you haven’t earned your first $50K online yet and you need a very simple grassroots funnel that gets you clients organically and without paid ads, long hours or any sunk costs. Making your first $50K is purely tactical and a non-stop hustle & grind but not scaleable whatsoever.
  • You’re in Level 2, that is haven’t earned your first $100K online yet. You are starting to get caught up in Red Shiny Object Syndrome and need to build a hard asset like a sales page and email list because relying on the Algorithim is not reliable or precictable and we need to start some affiliate marketing or paid traffic or else you’ll never be able to do this full-time. 
  • You’re in Level 3, that is, you haven’t hit your first $300K online yet. You’ve had a number of “bigger” months but it’s not predictable and feels like a grind. It’s now time to invest some of your profits into strategic team hires and we’ll need to look at the world of webinars, video sales letters, split testing, data analysis and traffic buying. Yes, the fun stuff that results in building a REAL business. Avoiding these skills will provide an “ok” lifestyle business.
  • ​You’re in Level 4, that is, you’re doing 25-30K a month consistently and ready to make a Run to 7. Now it’s time to say, “No” more than ever and gain singularity of focus on scaling one offer. Visibility on your data, a high converting offer, leadershig abilities, leveling up your reputation, strategic decisions and laser-like focus is what you’re missing if you’re ready to scale to the magical 7-figure level.
  • ​Most importantly, you finally feel ready to level-up your leadership because as John C. Maxwell says, "Everything rises and falls on leadership," then this IS definitely for you

“Is My Business A Good Fit For The 7-Figure Mastermind?”

It depends. If your business includes (or could include) the following, then YES!:

Online Coaching

Digital Info Products





Membership Sites



“What If I’m A Service Provider For Fitness Professionals?”

Whether you’re a copywriter, high-ticket closer, media buyer, or you specialize in tech, automation, or design, this is the perfect place for you!
Inside our Mastermind, you’ll find a ton of service providers already scaling their teams and becoming full-on agencies. 

Bonus: if you have a skillset that services fitness professionals, there’s an excellent chance you’ll leave the event with new business.

Still A Bit Skeptical That You Can Succeed At This? These Men And Women Were (And Are) No Different From You...

It Won’t Matter If Money Is Tight Or You Feel Stuck In A Dead End Job...

See how Joe LoGalbo went from “dead broke” and living in his mother-in-law’s 600 sq. foot home…
To growing a $200,000/yr online fitness information business in less than two years primarily with e-books.

(And is on pace for 7 figures THIS YEAR!)

If You’re An Online Trainer Or Coach Struggling To Get Clients
Or Make A Predictable & Reliable Income…

Will Schiller worked tirelessly to make his online coaching program ‘work’ with almost no success... since joining my 7-Figure Mastermind, Will now makes over $30,000/month as an online fitness coach.

He’s raised his rates, built a team, launched a podcast and taken back control over his destiny and has created his dream life!

If You’re Piled Under Student Loans Or Credit Card Debt…

Despite feeling trapped under heaping piles of debt and criticised by her parents…
Kathryn Nash joined my 7-Figure Mastermind and the next month made $73,561 in just 7 Days simply from her Instagram page.

If You Have An Online Business,
Yet Struggle To Break Through To The Next Level…

Jason Maxwell went from being stuck at $8,000 per month to breaking $30,000 per month consistently with his digital fitness business.

(He even bought his dad a car! Check this out)

If You’re In A Job You Hate...

Working as bakery manager at the local grocery store, Tim knew he wasn’t living in alignment with his true passion – fitness and helping people. But Tim, a self-described introvert, not only made the leap and joined Vince’s mastermind, he also followed Vince’s guidance to get on the phone and start selling high-ticket coaching programs.
Two months later, Tim had added 12 new clients into his program and was shocked at how easy it’d been. Nowadays, Tim’s business just keeps getting bigger and bigger (often experiencing days where he makes more in one day than three weeks at his old job) while his impact continues to spread wider and wider.

If You Lack Clarity And Structure In Your Marketing...

Before working with Vince, Hannah MacRae had zero structure for her marketing ideas and simply used whatever tactic was trending on Instagram…
With Vince’s guidance, Hannah not only gained clarity, structure, and speed, but in just 31 days she went from a $1k/month online fitness coach to a $10k/month online fitness coach.

If You Ever Feel Lost With What To Do...

In only three months of being a part of the 7-Figure Mastermind, Laura Grossi went from a struggling Instagrammer who didn’t know how to get clients to matching her yearly salary in a single month.

And You Don’t Have To Be A Fitness Pro To Succeed Online Either…

Like my friend, Jordan Valeriote, went from a struggling recording engineer to making $600,000/yr online teaching engineers how to track rock music from their basement studio

Even If You’re Heading Down The Wrong Track…

We’ll Light The Path To Your Fullest Potential! Or Luis Diaz, who traded in a tiny fitness business hardly making $600 a month… for a six-figure podcasting and PR agency that now services some of the highest ranked podcasts on iTunes!

Even If You Only Have 3 Months Of Money Left To Your Name...

Before I met Tyler Ryan, he was running an unprofitable business and only had 3 months of “runway” left. He knew he needed a coach, someone who had walked the path he wanted to walk... and he knew that if he didn't make the leap now, he'd remain stuck in his business.
Fast-forward 11 months, Tyler's now running a 6-figure company while employing two of his best friends. Tyler got here by getting crystal clear on why he couldn't stay where he was and then taking massive action.

Even if you're internationally based in economically-challenged country...

Frank Den Blanken initially had doubts because he felt that not living in the US/Canada would place him at a disadvantage. Oh boy did he prove himself wrong!

 Frank grew his business from 5 figures a year, to doing multiple 7 figures a year, all while working from Europe!
As Vince's first Millionaire student, Frank has completely transformed his lifestyle, as well as his family's, through creating a highly profitable, impactful business that helps thousands of lives in the Netherlands.

Even if you're facing adversity within your personal and family life...

In less than 6 months, Tyler Bertie built out a 6 figure business since joining The 7-Figure Mastermind.
He overcame extreme adversity within his personal and family life, faced a $500,000 lawsuit, and STILL overcame and succeeded. Now, Tyler has become a provider for his family, and leads a life as an example for other young entrepreneurs to follow.

Even if you’re already an experienced marketer…

In less than 5 weeks, Clark Kegley paid off his entire 12-month investment.
In spite of his success, he struggled with what so many ideas and was missing a high ticket component to his product suite and with his coaching business bought himself a 1965 Mustang Fastback.

And you’re suffering from The Good Idea Fairy…

Prior to joining The 7-Figure Mastermind Brian was stepping over dollars by chasing dimes until we developed his Super Power and doubled down on his strength.
Over the course of 12-months, Brian was able to build his recurring revenue up to $20K a month by simply having a set of “outside eyes” tell him to say, “No” to the pennies and “Yes” to a fortune sitting right underneath his nose.
You don’t have to be someone who just reads about others’ financial and lifestyle success… you can have it too. You just have to stop putting your dreams on hold and start leveling up your business’ growth, just like my students have.

As Soon As You Finish Registering To Sit In At Our Upcoming Mastermind, You’ll Start To Receive Coaching From Us...

We want you to succeed, which is why you’ll be getting the following bonuses...
  • 6-Figure Coach: Your First $10K Month In 100-Days ($1,997 Retail Price). Upon grabbing your seat to test-drive The 7-Figure Mastermind you’ll receive the shortest and simplest way to earning money online through a battle-tested, step-by-step, time-tested group coaching program which includes the following video training…
  • The 10 Mindset Shifts You Need to Hit Your First $10K Month
  • ​The 6-Forgotten Factors to An Irresistible Marketing Message
  • ​Creating Engagement-Driven Content To Attract Dream Clients
  • ​How To Design And Deliver Your Flagship Coaching Program
  • ​The $10,000 “Case Study” Sales Letter Formula To Get Clients
  • ​How To Turn Your Instagram Stories Into A 24/7 Cash Machine
  • ​The Convert From Chat Script To Dig Out Dollars From The DM
  • ​  The Print Money Phone Script To Smoothly Close Paid-In-Fulls
  • ​Secrets & Scripts to Overcoming The Big 3 Sales Objections
  • How My Top Students Hit 6-Figure Status And Keep Growing
  • 24-hour Access to Our Private 7-Figure Mastermind Facebook Group. Here you’ll have the opportunity to mingle and learn from our big dawgs—the 6-, 7-, and 8-figure mastermind earners. There’s no faster way to grow your business than to be a part of a like-minded community of business owners ahead of you so you can go to school on their wins and mistakes. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll also be expected to actively participate and share your wins and lessons – that’s where you’ll get some of the best support.
  • Vince’s “Big Lesson of the Week” + Accountability Check-In Email. The “big lesson” will relate to an experience Vince personally encountered in his own business (remember, it’s always better to go to school on another’s wins and losses). On top of that, each week you’ll report into him on what’s working and not working right now for you. From there, he’ll deliver specific action steps so you’re never stuck, but instead continuously moving forward.
  • 1 bottle of Preload, Vince’s all-in-one, fully loaded, pre-workout supplement ($99 value)

Do You Want To Achieve 1 Year’s Worth Of Results In ONLY 90 Days?

While we can’t do the work for you, if you can follow the crystal clear marching orders we give you at our upcoming event, I promise that you’ll be light years ahead of where you are today.

So whether you’re gunning for your first $10K month… you’re aiming to add an extra $10-20K a month… or you’re earning 7-figures but have even loftier income goals, this Sit In seat is for you.

And if you see value in our coaching program, then you’ll also have the chance to accelerate your business even faster by joining The 7-Figure Mastermind. So think of the event as a test-drive of all that you’ll gain—speed, knowledge, relationships, accountability, and long-term wealth—and understand that your Sit In seat is only the beginning for you and your limitless potential!

See What Others Are Saying About

The 7-Figure Mastermind

Tyler Ryan

Burbank, CA
26 Years

Tyler tried other coaching programs like this… the 7 Figure Mastermind is in a league of its own.

I’ve been in one other mastermind like this before... the main difference is Vince and the coaches go deep with everyone to ensure you’re getting the personal guidance and marching orders needed for success. Nothing about this is generic or “one size fits all.” With Vince’s coaching, I've created a life I love, a business I'm proud of, and I'm finally able to give back to my parents for all they've done for me. And the incredible part is that this is only the first year! We're just getting started.

Mike Zhang

Ontario, Canada
29 Years

Just 1 or 2 key relationships in the room will take your business to the next level!

I made several valuable connections with affiliates and partners who helped me grow my fitness info product business to six-figures/year. I may have never met these guys, who have become some of my closest friends if it wasn’t for investing in the 7 Figure Mastermind.

Alain Gonzalez

Orlando, FL
33 Years

Alain was afraid he wouldn’t make his money back… then he 10X’ed it after the first event!

When I first joined Vince’s mastermind I was afraid I wouldn’t make my money back. I’ve been running an online business for so long and I thought there wasn't anything new I could learn. Yet after one connection made at the event and a single strategy Vince shared, I earned my money back tenfold by the end of the first group meeting.

Lee Hare

29 Years

Lee joined the mastermind without a single product or knowledge of how to start an online business… in only 2 months he finished his first product and is already making sales!

My business was brand new when I started with Vince. And in the first 6 months of starting my online fitness business, I’ve already begun making a higher monthly income. Vince saved me months (maybe years) of trying to figure this out on my own.

Eric Bach

Atlanta, Georgia
29 Years

Eric wasn’t sure if he should do high ticket coaching or low dollar ebooks… we doubled-down on his skill set and he’s now generating 44% more revenue in only 9 months!

Vince helped narrow my focus and double-down on my skill set: writing and high ticket coaching. Before working with Vince, I was getting bogged down chasing low ticket programs, ebooks, and products, which only pulled me away from the profit centers of my business. With his keen eye and 30,000 foot view, Vince gave me clear-cut marching orders and the accountability I needed to overcome information overload and scale my business. Since working with Vince 9 months ago, my gross online revenue has increased 44% compared to the previous year. I give Vince my highest recommendation.

Tim Ernst

Tampa, Florida
42 Years

The investment to the 7 figure mastermind was bigger than Tim wanted… however it ended up being the #1 investment he’s ever made into himself and business...

My biggest fear before signing up for Vince’s 7 figure mastermind was the investment. It was bigger than I wanted to spend and I was afraid it wouldn’t work out, but I decided to take the leap! Based on how my business is turning out it was the BEST Investment I’ve ever made. Those fears never came true and in about 5 months I pretty much made my Investment back!

Bob Thompson

Philadelphia, PA
31 Years

Bob Already Had One 7-Figure Business... And In A Year Added Two More 7-Figure Income Streams!

Since starting the mastermind my main business has grown over 33% and we're shaping for another 20% of growth in the next year. I've also launched two other businesses that will hit 7 figures each in their first 6-8 months. And a third is to be launched soon that, without Vince's help, would have been a nightmare... but instead has a streamlined path to profitability. That said, between the calls with the team and the hot seats on the mastermind weekends I get full clarity of what I need to do and the direction I need to go. I couldn't have done it alone.

Laura Grossi

Stoney Creek, Ontario
24 Years

Maybe you're on the fence about joining a mastermind like Laura was...

I was on the fence about joining a mastermind at first. Yet it's been the best decision I've made! My 12-month goal was to start earning $8,000 per month. And in only two months of joining, I blew past my goal, hitting my first 5 figure month! This mastermind has been life-changing.

Ready To Take The Next Step and Build A Successful & Profitable Online Fitness Business?

Let me make this clear...

We are NOT looking to add more “clients” to our Mastermind. We ONLY want Success Stories.
As you can tell, we have high standards—for ourselves and for you. Take this year as an example, right now we’re on pace to produce twelve 7-figure earners and fifty 6-figures earners out of 70 members!
All that means is we don’t want you to join The 7-Figure Mastermind until we’ve delivered you results in advance and you are certain that this is the best fit for you right now.

Now, there’s really no way for either of us to know if the time is right unless we talk and get to know each other.

So if you’re interested in taking the next step, let’s set up a time to jump on a call ASAP...
… we’ll get clear on the vision of your business, find out what’s working/not working, and brainstorm a game plan to fix your biggest struggle. Afterwards, you’ll feel clear and confident in what to do moving forward.

We’ll also ask you a few other questions and feel free to do the same with us. If after it all everything sounds good to both of us, then we’ll offer you the chance to secure one of the 20 available spots.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next

Once you’ve filled out the form, follow the steps on the next page to schedule your Strategy Call with one of our Online Growth Coaches.

If they feel you’d be a great fit for the upcoming event, they’ll invite you to join us for HALF OFF the registration price.
Now, while this coaching opportunity certainly won’t cost you an arm and a leg, it won’t be cheap either. Yet I can promise you this…

It'll Be The Best Decision 
You Can Make To Grow Your Brand And Business

Since space is limited, applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
We’re pumped to hear from you and to meet you in person at the event.

How’s The Event Structured?

Day 1, Thursday January 23rd, is dedicated to our “Big Group” Teaching Day with Vince, the Coaches, and Industry-Leading Instructors

We’ll go from 8AM to 5PM, and this is where you’ll be surrounded by like-minded high-achievers. My coaches and I will deliver critical “Skill Sessions” to help you attract more leads, convert more customers, automate delivery, and scale your business.

We’ll also bring in industry-transforming instructors (think experts who’ve already grown their organizations 5X, 10X, or 20X) to teach us how to take our income, impact, and independence to its highest potential.

After this epic day of learning, Vince treats everyone to a “Live Large” dinner to increase your networking opportunities and facilitate strategic partnerships.

Day 2, Friday January 24th, is dedicated to our “Beginner” Hot Seats

Currently earning less than $10,000 a month? If so, you’ll be invited to join a full day of personalized coaching (8AM to 5PM).
The goal here isn’t to overwhelm you with a crazy-long, to-do list, but instead to address your business’ most critical problems – whether that be creating, delivering, or launching your program, getting more leads and customers, or the steps towards your first hires.

Day 3, Saturday January 25th, is our Advanced Day at a Private Venue with Secret Guest Speakers

Currently earning more than 6-figures a year or made more than $15,000 in one month online? If so, you’ll be escorted Friday afternoon to a private venue for a day and half of personalized coaching with our advanced Mastermind members plus surprise ELITE entrepererus earning 7, 8 and even 9-figures to hang out, teach and support you during the Hot Seats.

This is where we’ll dive under the hood of your business and build a personalized 90-day blueprint to help you scale faster. You’ll also get to share your business' most pressing struggles, and as a group, we’ll map out clear action steps you can implement immediately. Plus, you’ll discover a whole new world of opportunities to help you stop leaving money on the table.

Previous 7-Figure Mastermind Instructors

Dan Lok

Bedros Keuilian

Joel Marion

Craig Ballantyne

Paul Getter

Drew Canole

And You Can Rest Assured That Clearwater’s Speakers Will Be Nothing Less Than The Best...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know i'm ready for the group?
Here’s the honest truth… you will never be 100% ready. And if you’re waiting for the “perfect time” it will never happen. You’re only delaying your dreams from coming true. So if you’re serious about reaching your financial and business goals… just start. You’ll never regret taking a chance on yourself. 
Why start this right now?
Because waiting is only costing you money. You can keep digging around for the next one-size-fits-all online course or read another self-help or business book… in reality, you’re getting left behind. 

Right now there are 80+ entrepreneurs of all levels in the 7 Figure Mastermind who are moving FAST. Building relationships and partnerships that 10X their investment from day one. Men and women who are taking action and getting a year’s worth of results in 90 days or less. The sooner you gain clarity of vision for your path... the quicker you'll see increase in profits.
What if I don't have the money?
I’ve been there. When I hired my first business coach I didn't have the money either. I had to scramble 2 credit cards together just to afford it. Yet I knew the only person responsible for investing in my goals, is me. And the same goes for you. Remember, it doesn’t take money to make money… it takes guts and courage. 

Here’s more good news… when you join the mastermind you immediately get access to myself, the coaches, and other exclusive bonuses that will make your investment back before the next event. Including a 30 minute VIP call... where myself or coaches will find out where you’re at in your business and the very first money-making steps you can make to cash-in quickly. I’ll also give you the entire set of 0-6 Figure Formula Videos so you can unlock BIG money ideas for your business, right away.

Plus, you’ll be added to our private Facebook community so you can be surrounded with other like-minded entrepreneurs and service providers to prepare you for take off. All to say...

You’re not signing up today then waiting in “no man’s land” until the event. TODAY is the start of your newfound success.
Is this program for online coaches or digital information products only?
Both. Neither path is right or wrong, better or worse. In fact, our top earners have installed both avenues into their business. The real question is which should you start with? And that’s what we’ll help you decide. Starting with the fastest path to profits… Over time we’ll build both strategies into your business for max earnings. This is the holy grail combination of building a 7 figure brand. However, a huge mistake most entrepreneurs make is trying to do both at the same time. We’ll help navigate your path so you don’t fall into the same trap. 
Do you coach females?
Yes. And with great success too. We've helped five women in the group break 5 figures after a few weeks of joining. We have another on pace for 6-figures in less than 3 months. And we have a multi 6-figure earner and a female doing multi 7-figures each year. And many other women in our mastermind are launching their products, growing their following, and even quitting their jobs and living out their passion full time. 
Is the market too saturated?
The market was already saturated in 2005 when I first started. So much that my coach begged me not to go into the muscle-building space for my business. I’d say it worked out just fine. 

Truth is... 

There are 7 billion people in the world. To have a 6 figure business all you need are 167 customers paying you $47 a month. Do you think we can help you get 167 paying customers at $47 month?

Or maybe you’re an online coach… all you need are 42 clients paying you $200 a month and you’re already a 6-figure earner. Do you think we can help you get 42 clients payings you $200 a month? The answer is YES.

Here’s what I’m getting at. There's no shortage of opportunity to succeed in ANY market.
Who will do everything for me?
This isn’t babysitting. We will give your marching orders so you can get 1 years worth of results every 90 days... and it’s up to you to put in the work. If you’re teachable and take action... you’ve already got the winning combination to be successful. 
As a side note, if you need website, tech support, copywriting, or ads help, we’ve got you covered with service providers inside the group.
What's expected of me?
Here’s the gist. You get what you put in. Meaning, when you join the mastermind… come to every meeting. Engage in our coaching calls. Take notes. Shake hands. Be proactive, honest, and commit to the long game. 

We aren’t miracle workers. Sure, we’re good… really, really good. Yet building a successful business takes time and pivoting. Ask any 6 or 7 figure earner in the room if you can build a big business in two months and they’ll laugh. My advice to you? Follow the “character blueprint” of my top students above… and watch your money grow.
Should I quit my job?
You don’t have to. You need consistent cash flow to fund your business. 

For that reason we don't advise quitting your job until your “side thing” becomes your “main thing”... a sustainable profit source.

Have long term vision. Use your job to fund your business so you can continue making the investments you need for speed of results. No reason to put so much pressure on yourself by killing off the source making you money right now.
Is this group too advanced?
No. This is a personalized coaching program. Meaning myself and four other coaches will give you the exact strategies to move the barriers you need moved and win the battles you’re currently fighting so you can finally build the mega-profitable business you want. 
Is this group for beginners?
It’s for all levels of entrepreneurs. 70% of our group are under 6 figures and 30% are 6-7 figure earners. The #1 thing they have in common is they’re reaching record numbers and growth in their businesses month over month regardless of their starting point. 
Is this for gym owners who want to go online?
Absolutely. It’s also for gym owners who want elite online marketing strategies to grow your gym business and become the go-to gym in your area. We focus on doubling/tripling the recurring revenue to your gym before transitioning to online coaching or information products. 
What if I've tried a mastermind and it wasn't for me?
Don’t let one bad experience ruin an opportunity to take your business to the next level. We’ve got a room of 100+ serious entrepreneurs, high-caliber guest speakers, and a community of coaching and support that’s second to none. If you want to score with people like that and gain an experience that will pay you back tenfold and greater… this is a no brainer. 
Do you have a refund for the event?
No. Success is your responsibility. If you can’t extract one or two 10x ideas or partnerships in a room with some of the top entrepreneurs in the space… you're not cut out for this. It sounds harsh… yet that’s how confident we are in the knowledge we teach and the caliber of guests we bring to our events. 
While I believe in getting rich, I don’t believe in get-rich quick programs. I’m not a product of one and neither are my students. Yes, the results can be fast. But not without hard work, putting your best foot forward and serving others.

As stated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn an income with our ideas, information, programs, or strategies. And I couldn’t make that guarantee anyway… because again, your results depend on how much time and effort you put into them, right?

Questions? We're here for you. Email our world-class Support Team at We're rooting for your success!

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